• 1986
    CarSol Fruit S.A. was founded in 1986.

  • 2011
    CarSol Fruit Export S.A. was founded in 2011 with the objective of trading the fruit produced by CarSol Fruit.

  • 2013
    CarSol Europe BV was founded in 2013 to trade fruit in Europe.

  • 2017
    Joint venture with JRM to create CarSol Peru and obtain blueberry production in Peru.

  • 2018
    Joint venture with Lusofinanca Ltda. to create CarSol Fruits Portugal Ltda. and start producing blueberries in that country.

  • 2019
    Creation of a holding company based in the Netherlands.

  • 2019
    Partnered with Guimarra to expand the presence in the US and other markets •Partnered with T&G Global to expand the business in Asia.