Farming in Perú

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  • Majority of Peruvian blueberries come from La Libertad, Ancash, Lima and Ica.
  • CarSol’s Peruvian farms are located in Piura, a costal region in northwestern Peru.
  • CarSol Peru is a joint venture between CarSol and JRM SAC.
  • The Company is currently expanding its production capabilities with two new projects; Piura II and Piura III. Piura II is an extension of Piura I, where the land is increased by 330 hectares that are planted between 2021 and 2022.
  • Based on the experience in Portugal, CarSol decided to continue harvesting blueberries using the “plotted plant” method..
  • These increases in production will allow CarSol to serve more retailers in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • This project will be part of CarSol Peru and will be done jointly with the Company’s exiting partner in the country.

Farming in Chile

  • Chile has about 1,300 blueberry growers, mainly located in central and southern Chile and around 15,601 hectares planted with high bush blueberries.
  • CarSol’s Chilean farms are in Chillan, a city located about 400 kms south of the country’s capital, Santiago.
  • Chillan has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters, dry and warm summers and precipitations between May and July.
  • The replanting of better varieties explain the decrease in the volume performance per hectares of the last seasons.
  • During the last seasons, CarSol Chile has replanted part of their farms with higher quality varieties in order to better meet consumer trends and generate diversification.