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Facilities in the Netherlands

  • CarSol Europe packing recently acquired a state-of-the-art blueberries sorting machine
  • It is equipped with 12 lanes and 14 exits. Each lane has a capacity of approx. 200 kg per hour
  • The machine uses especially designed silicon curtains to reduce the transfer height speed that result in low-to-no impact on the blueberries throughout the whole process
  • The blueberry grading machine is equipped with ultimate vision technology. It uses high resolution cameras taking a total of 30 images per single blueberry
  • This technology allows to identify for each blueberry the following:
  • Weight: enables to monitor the average weight and capacity per hour.
  • Size: determines the maximum width of the blueberry, separating the fruit by its shape.
  • Color: achieves color separation and grades multiple color classes
  • Quality: grades different forms of defects such as dehydration, flower, softness bruising, cuts, cell breakdown, shriveling and compression dama
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Facilities in Peru

  • Piura’s packing is equipped with two parallel process lines, allowing CarSol to pack fruit with different specifications at the same time and supply different markets.
  • It currently has two cold rooms, one for the fruit that arrives to the packing and the other one for packed fruit.
  • Packing capacity is around 35k kgs per shift (8 hours long) with a cold storage capacity of around 110k kgs.
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Facilities in Chile

  • Three facilities distributed along the center and south of Chile: Abedules, Patagonia Food and Berries Patagonia.
  • Latest generation technology implemented early 2019, including an optical sorting machine that can detect and remove soft, rot, unripe or discolored blueberries, as well as insects, stems, leaves and all types of other foreign material.