Marketing & Distribution

  • The Company’s strategy is to maintain a local presence through offices in main markets to strengthen relationship with clients in the aim of becoming their main blueberry supplier.
  • The Company operates mainly through annual and seasonal programs with top retailers in the different continents.
  • A key part of the Company’s strategy is to have packing, sorting, cold storage and logistic facilities at the point of destination allowing them more flexibility, maximizing price and perfect deliveries.
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Packing Facilities

  • Carsol in the Netherlands recently acquired a state-of-the-art blueberries sorting machine, equipped with 12 lanes and 14 exits. Each lane has a capacity of
    approx. 200 kg per hour.
  • Piura’s Packing in Perú, is equipped with two parallel process lines, allowing CarSol to pack fruit with different specifications at the same time and supply different markets.
  • Carsol in Chile, has three packing facilities distributed along the center and south of Chile: Abedules, Patagonia Food and Berries Patagonia.


  • CarSol’s Portugal farms are located inMontalvo and Vila Nova.
  • CarSol’s Peruvian farms are located in Piura, a costal region in northwestern Peru.
  • CarSol’s Chilean farms are in Chillan, a city located about 400 kms south of the country’s capital, Santiago.
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